You Get what you Pay For

I came across this great image on Facebook recently. It really sums up the freelancing and internet work arena very well.

Personally, I am one who tries to find a budget priced worker for every project, but practically every single time I am left frustrated after hiring one of these budget workers for the job. Often their English is so poor that they can’t understand simple directions, or their skills are nothing like they claimed in the beginning. The worst times are where their mistakes are so bad, it costs me additional time and money to go and repair what they have done.

The extra time I spend mopping up the mess after these workers is just not worth it, and I have learned the hard way that “you get what you pay for”. It is always better to make sure that you hire someone competent and who has direct experience in the necessary fields, even if there are others claiming they can do the work at much lower rates.

You get what you pay for Main