ClickFunnels, Kartra or WordPress? Which one should I use?

I have used all 3 platforms extensively, as well as a few others that I would not recommend, so I know the ins and outs of each.

Which one is the best? Well, the truth is that I still use all 3 of them. Depending on what you are looking to do, one might be better than the others.

Let me break down the benefits that each has, and what I would use it for, so you can decide which one fits your needs.



  • Perfect for simple websites for regular businesses not selling products online.
  • Recommended for any business that takes bookings, including accommodation providers, medical professionals, etc. This is because we can use customised WordPress plugins to get the booking calendar features that you need.
  • Essential for e-Commerce stores. The other alternatives just won’t have all the analytics and sales promoting options that you need.
  • If you want a particular design or for your website to be pixel perfect, WordPress allows you to custom code something to look exactly how you want. The others use drag and drop builders, so you are limited to what you can do.
  • If you want advanced features on the website, you can do anything you want with a WordPress plugin. The others will not allow advanced features on their platforms.
  • Development costs will be higher. You likely won’t be able to build it yourself, as the others use drag and drop builders that anyone can use. You will need to hire a WordPress developer, like me :). Don’t worry, I have some tricks I use so I can get it done cheaper that others.
  • Monthly cost is much lower than the others. You can get fast WordPress web hosting for around $12 per month. I have written an article on it HERE

To get started with WordPress, click the above link to purchase your web hosting package, and you can hire a developer on Upwork, or of course, hire me on Upwork HERE



  • Perfect for businesses looking to sell online products, such as e-books, supplements, memberships etc that you can immediately offer upsells for.
  • If your business model is just products and upsells, and doesn’t incorporate any other facets, such as email marketing (or others see below), then ClickFunnels is the best option.
  • You can build websites the fastest with ClickFunnels. Their interface is very good, so anyone can use it. Experienced people can build a great page in less than an hour.
  • Their responsive design (mobiles, tablets, PC view) is not the best, with limited support for tablet view.
  • Their support team are really slow to respond to tickets. It often takes days to get a response.
  • They have excellent templates you can borrow. Great designs and awesome sales copy. You can easily edit them and have a great page.
  • They have great additional products, such as Funnel Scripts. But it does cost an extra $500 per year. Useful if you can’t do copywriting and make a lot of funnels. If you are just planning to do 1 or 2, better to hire a copywriter.
  • Other additional products include an email service and affiliate management software, but these also cost extra money. Kartra has more advanced products that do a better job, and are included free with the monthly price.
  • Pricing starts at $97 per month.

To get started with ClickFunnels, or view their sales page to find more info, CLICK HERE



  • Definitely the most versatile of all the platforms. It has so many unique features that the others don’t have.
  • If you are selling products or giving away lead magnets, and want to get people into an email autoresponder series, then you must choose Kartra. It does it all, instead of for example using ClickFunnels and Mailchimp or another email service provider.
  • One great advantage is when you are sending people let’s say 5 sales emails. If they buy on the first one, you send another 4 asking them to buy, so they will get annoyed. Kartra gives you the ability to track when certain people buy or do other things, and pull them out of an email series and into another automatically.
  • They also have templates, but they are not as good as ClickFunnels in terms of design or copy.
  • It is a clunky interface to use, and slow loading. So you will spend more time building things in Kartra.
  • If you are selling multiple products in a niche, then Kartra gives you the ability to track who has purchased what, and you can make sure you are not sending repeat emails for things they already have. It makes it very easy to cross-promote your product range.
  • The email composer is super easy to use.
  • Comes with a free support desk system you can use in your business. Excellent for anyone selling anything, as you can give staff access, and of course saves you more money since you don’t need to buy one elsewhere.
  • Makes membership sites easy, as you keep it all in one place along with your other products and email lists.
  • Can manage affiliates for your products, with easy payout options to automate things.
  • Can build funnels like ClickFunnels, with upsells and downsells.
  • With their customer tracking systems, can send out emails for abandoned sales.
  • Can create product launch pages.
  • Better responsive design (mobiles, tablets, PC view) features than ClickFunnels, with the ability to create 3 different pages for each under the same page. Although better than ClickFunnels, it still has problems, and you can not get it perfect like you can with WordPress.
  • Heaps of other cool customer tracking features that I can’t list. It is pretty awesome what Kartra can do.
  • Pricing starts at $89 per month.

To get started with Kartra, or view their sales page to find more info, CLICK HERE


I have used LeadPages, but I find the templates are very strict and you can’t design something personal. It is much cheaper, and that is because it lacks all the features the others have. I would only use it if you have a very tight budget and are happy to stick to their templates.

P.S. I am also available for hire for ClickFunnels and Kartra page design and setup.