How to get a High Quality Website for a Cheap Price

Designing a whole new website from scratch is quite an exhausting process, especially with responsive design and cross-browser compatibility issues. This is why is often costs well into the thousands of dollars to have a website custom designed.

If you need a well functioning and unique website that nobody else has in the world, then you just have to cough the money up unfortunately. But there are a couple of cheaper options available for those on a budget.

1. Go to google and find a free WordPress theme. Costs you nothing … theoretically. The problem is the free themes often come with a few flaws, or sometimes many flaws. So you will have to hire a programmer to fix them anyway. In my experience, it can be so bad that you even give up and go back to google and find a different theme.

2. Buy a non-exclusive theme from a theme sales website. What this means is instead of a designer building a theme for $2,000 and sell it just to you, they build a $2,000 theme themselves, and sell it to many people, for example 100 people buy it at $50 each. They make more money, you save a lot of money. The only difference is 100 people across the world have the same theme, but since you all choose different colours, images, and logos, nobody really notices anyway.

So we highly recommend going with option 2, and buying a premium wordpress theme. They range in price from just a few dollars, to around $200, but most of the really good ones you can find around the $50 range. All of the good website designers list their wordpress themes for sale on Themeforest, which is the world’s largest theme-hub marketplace. You can access them by clicking on the THEMEFOREST banner below.





1. Search for a WordPress Responsive theme. WordPress will save you a lot of time and money on managing your website. The interface is great and easy for beginners to use. Responsive means it will work and display well on computers, mobile phones, and tablets, so this is a major point in today’s mobile age.

2. Once you have found some themes you like, make sure you read the user comments to see what they think of the theme, and also look at how fast they reply to user questions and technical support requests. If you find something not working on your theme, its good to know that they respond to their customers quickly and will fix any issues fast.

3. Don’t worry if you don’t like everything you see on a theme. There will be stacks of options inside for you to change almost anything you like, and if there isn’t, just hire a programmer for a few bucks to make these small changes for you.