Brain Cancer Website Goes Viral

Over the past few months we have been building the website for one of the Roth Enterprise properties: Phones Cause Brain Cancer. On the day that we completed and launched the website, we saw a gigantic boost in web traffic, which at first was a bit surprising considering we had not performed any promotions yet. […]

How to code an Image Mouse Hover colour change

A great feature to use on your website is to make an image change colour when the user hovers over it with their mouse or cursor. It is especially handy when you are trying to get a customer to click on a particular image, and surprisingly is extremely easy to code with html. Here is […]

How to Test a WordPress Website Migration using the Hosts file

When transferring your WordPress website to a new webhost, you want to do a thorough testing before changing the nameservers and making your website live on the new webhost. The best method to do this is to modify your hosts file. The following instructions are relevant to users running Windows 7, however they should be […]

How Does Web Hosting Work?

A server is basically a big, fast computer that is always on. Companies keep their websites on servers, and when customers type the website address into their browser, then are sent to the copy of the website on the server. While a large company can afford to have it’s own server, Web Hosting companies usually […]

Bluehost Web Hosting Signup Instructions

Over the years we have had the pleasure (and displeasure) of dealing with a number of different webhosts for ourselves and our clients, and if there is one thing that we can guarantee with web hosting from our experience, is that you get what you pay for. There is a reason why cheaper hosts are […]